Re-Enact Protein Synthesis Cut-out Activity

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Protein Synthesis: Step-by-Step students recreate, hands on, what happens during protein synthesis.

With a partner, students will go through the steps of protein synthesis following a picture diagram, while utilizing cutouts of the members of protein synthesis. Next, students will quiz each other on the process, using a page size flash card to reinforce memory. One student asks the questions as the coach, while the other student attempts to answer correctly. This is a digital, pdf document.

This activity can be used on a multitude of levels. Teachers can use this activity while lecturing on protein synthesis, and have students follow along with their cut out diagrams. During which the teacher employs a power point, or mimics the actions with their own set of physical/visual aids.The students can even practice together at their own pace following the lecture.

This activity can also be used for tutoring. Students who need one on one help can stay after class and perform the same tasks either with the teacher, teacher's aid, or a volunteer student with complete grasp of the subject.

YOUTUBE VIDEO showing how to USE THE PRODUCT I used the B&W version and colored it in.

RECOMMENDATIONS: I would recommend printing out the colored diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and the partner quiz-quiz check on CARDSTOCK and laminating them. Then you can use them over and over again. As well as using dry erase markers on the blank quiz version of the flash cards, as opposed to having students write it down with pencil and paper. The finality creates a sense of fun and slight competitiveness among the student pairs themselves.

DIAGRAMS INCLUDED: colored version, black&white version

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