Plant & Animal Cell Foldables

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This is a template with directions to create two foldables: plant cell foldable and an animal cell foldable.

Teachers can lecture on plant and animal cells and then have students create these two foldables to practice quizzing themselves on the structure name and function of the different parts in the plant and animal cells.

These foldables are great visual tools to use in a science interactive notebook or just for your EL learners students to practice with. Did I mention that you can also change the definitions? They are EDITABLE!! This is a Microsoft word document (version 97-2003). This is great so you can write in your own definitions if my descriptions aren't advanced enough or if you need to simplify them to fit your students' needs. Any questions, please feel free to email me.

Note: You will need to buy construction paper to complete foldables unless you use the answer keys provided.

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