Plant & Animal Cell Comparison Side-by-Side

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The foldable has a plant cell on one side, and an animal cell on the other side so students can compare & contrast what the two cells have in common or how they differ. It also includes the organelles as well, so students can cut them out and paste them in the foldable on their appropriate side. Then students can write what the organelle is and it's definition.  This is a small, foldable that can fit in your hand. It's great to stick anywhere in an INB. 

Three versions included:
(1st version) Plant vs. Animal - with 14 organelles (included are: centrioles, lysosome, golgi apparatus, rough ER, smooth ER, chloroplast, nucleus, cell wall, cytoskeleton, mitochondrion, cell membrane, large vacuole, ribosomes, & cytoplasm).

(2nd version) Plant vs. Animal - with 8 organelles (included are: vesicle, chloroplast, nucleus, mitochondrion, cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm, & vacuole).

(3rd version) Plant vs. Animal - with 5 organelles (included are: chloroplast, nucleus, cell wall, cell membrane, & mitochondrion). This version covers the 5 organelles listed on NGSS MS-LS1-2.

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