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Energy Pyramid Foldable

Energy Pyramid Foldable

$ 5.50

This is a foldable that identifies the organisms that can be found at the different trophic levels of an energy pyramid.  Students can cut-out organisms and place them on their appropriate level with their appropriate term.  Each student can have their own practice foldable and they can practice quizzing other students as well. It goes great in a science interactive notebook.

This is a digital product.  It is a zip folder that contains a Microsoft Word document (version 97-2003) and a pdf document. 

Purchase of the product is for single classroom use by the purchaser only. It is a violation for individuals, schools, and districts to redistribute, edit, sell, or post this item on the internet or to other individuals. Disregarding the copyright is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and subject to legal action.

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