DNA, RNA, & PROTEIN SYNTHESIS Notes, PowerPoints, & Activities

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This is BUNDLE for DNA, RNA & Protein Synthesis. It takes a very difficult concept (protein synthesis) and makes it fun/easy to learn. Both PPTs are editable and so are the notes so that you can add in more information or take out information to fit your grade level. The first year I taught this concept, my students didn't get it. After I created these activities, now my students EXCEL in this unit.

ALSO - if you have a "SMARTBOARD" you will REALLY like the PPTs. In a few of the slides of the DIAGRAMS I made it to where you can actually move them around in the PPTs for more interaction. I like to grab the images and demonstrate to my students how protein synthesis works. I might even call a student to the board and have them try it out. ALSO students can follow along while you are doing it with their own PAPER characters.

All of the images you see are CREATED by me! That's why some of my products are a little more expensive because it takes me time to create the images.

This bundle includes:

- Teacher DNA notes (Microsoft word document)
- Student DNA notes (Microsoft word document)
- DNA PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint)
- Practice Complementary Base Pairing Worksheet (pdf)
- Nucleotide Worksheet (pdf)
- Fill in Missing Parts of a DNA Molecule Worksheet (pdf)
- Build a DNA Molecule Activity (pdf)
- DNA Replication Activity (pdf)
- DNA Molecule Review Foldable (pdf)
- DNA Worksheet: Homework or Practice (pdf)
- DNA Structure & Replication Quiz (pdf)

(RNA & Protein Synthesis)
- Teacher RNA & Protein Synthesis Notes (Microsoft word document)
- Student RNA & Protein Synthesis Notes (Microsoft word document)
- RNA & Protein Synthesis PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint)
- Comparing Making Proteins to Making a Cake Activity (pdf)
- Transcription Practice Worksheet (pdf)
- Transcription Activity (pdf)
- Translation Practice Worksheet (pdf)
- Re-Enact Protein Synthesis Paper Manipulatives Activity (pdf)
- Types of RNAs foldable (pdf)
- Processes of Protein Synthesis foldable (pdf)
- Let’s Build a Protein Activity/foldable (pdf)
- RNA & Protein Synthesis Worksheet: Homework or Practice (pdf)
- Review Protein Synthesis Worksheet: Homework or Practice (pdf)
- RNA Structure & Protein Synthesis Quiz (pdf)

- DNA, RNA, & Protein Synthesis TEST (pdf)


- Student will be able to explain what DNA is, its importance, and its structure.
- Students will be able to construct a DNA molecule.
- Students will be able to model DNA replication.
- Students will be able to compare & contrast the similarities and differences between DNA & RNA.
- Students will be able to construct a RNA molecule.
- Student will be able to identify and explain the three different types of RNAs and their roles in protein synthesis.
- Students will be able to re-enact and explain the process of protein synthesis.
- Students will build a protein.

HS-LS1-1 HS.Structure & Function
Construct an explanation based on evidence for how the structure of DNA determines the structure of proteins which carry out the essential functions of life through systems of specialized cells. (Assessment Boundary: Assessment does not include identification of specific cell or tissue types, whole body systems, specific proteins structure and functions, or the biochemistry of protein synthesis)

SPECIAL NOTE: Make sure you have the appropriate programs to open all of these documents. If you would like any of the quizzes or tests in a Microsoft word document or have ANY questions at all, please don't hesistate to email me at daisy_7up@hotmail.com
I have had customers in the past who have had problems, and they never contact me before they leave feedback. I am here to help you. =)

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