Cell Theory Foldable

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This foldable lists the three parts of the cell theory and gives some kind of visual image to help students make connections to the 3 parts of the cell theory.

# 1 - "All living things are made up of cells." The foldable shows a bunch of different living things and in the middle there is a blank spot. This is where you have your students draw a cell to represent that all of the living things (which surround the cell) are made up of cells.

# 2 - "Cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things." The visual shows a person, and you will have your students fill in the levels of organization, until they see that the basic unit of all living things (ie. this person for example) is a cell.

# 3 - "New cells are produced from existing cells." This visual shows a person complaining about receiving a paper cut. This is a great visual image because then you can ask your students the question, "well, where do new cells come from when you have a paper cut?" It gets your students thinking and leads into the 3rd part of the cell theory.

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