Cell Organelles Flashcards

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Selfie Flashcards on Cell Structures, Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes, and Viruses. Have students color the camera images and use the flashcards to practice the cell unit.

24 Flashcards Included-
(1) chloroplast
(2) cell wall
(3) cell membrane
(4) rough ER
(5) ribosomes
(6) nucleus
(7) lysosome
(8) centrioles
(9) smooth ER
(10) nuclear envelope
(11) nucleolus
(12) mitochondrion
(13) cilia
(14) flagellum
(15) cytoskeleton
(16) golgi apparatus
(17) cytoplasm
(18) plant cell
(19) animal cell
(20) prokaryote
(21) eukaryotes
(22) vacuole
(23) virus
(24) organelles

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Recommendations: I would recommend coloring them and then laminating them to use over and over again

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